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Adelaide - The charming capital of state of South Australia located on an ocean coast. The central part of a city многоэтажна, with several modern skyscrapers is insignificant, and other city has one-two floor character. Ideal cleanliness, accuracy and faultless furnish of buildings - the card of Adelaide.


Here, to Adelaide tourists the third on size in Australia involves Kangaroo island - reserve of the wild nature with a colony of sea lions and fine coast for fishing. On island, except huge grey kangaroos whom we have got used to see in zoos, are found valabi the lady or таммары - absolutely small kangaroos (no more semimeter), concerning a special island kind.


Adelaide is surrounded by parks and is near to fine beaches. Here always it is possible to take pleasure in various sports hobbies: tennis, sailing, a golf or riding.

Adelaide — City in South Australia.

The city has been based on December, 28th, 1836 by English captain Gindmarshem with small quantity (nearby 200) settlers and has received the name in honour of the spouse of English king Wilhelm IV, near to the Vintsentsky gulf, on the bank of the shallow and non-navigable river Torens at bottom of a ridge of Maunt-Lofti.


Earlier was a chief town of the British colony of South Australia and residence of the governor and the bishop, in the XXI-st century beginning — an administrative centre of state of South Australia.


The first houses began to be under construction in March, 1837; in 1846 the population has increased to 7000, and in 1881 already exceeded 37892 peop., and with suburbs 67954 in which number it is a lot of the Germans who are available in sufficient quantity and in villages picturesquely scattered in surrounding city (Lobetal, Gandorf, etc.).
1957-529 thousand inhabitants
1966-771,2 thousand inhabitants (with suburbs)
2004 — 1,093 million inhabitants.

Development history

1872 — the cable line almost in 4000 km from Adelaide to port of Darwin, connected Australian colonies of that time with a cable network of the East Indies is opened.

In the end of a XIX-th century the city already conducted considerable trade, there were many banks and other commercial establishments. From Adelaide on the north to cape Burra where mines lie, the railway in 226 km has been built.

In the middle of the XX-th century — one of most quickly developing cities of the country, is positioned as the large centre of mechanical engineering (motor industry including).

Electronics, the exact mechanics, oil refining (in port Stanvak) are developed chemistry, the electrical engineer; the new enterprises are located on suburbs of a city and in suburbs (Elizabeth).

The enterprises of old branches — food (winemaking, flour-grinding, conservation of vegetables and fruit) and easy (textile, shoe) are in internal parts of a city, which in due course grow.


As harbour to a city was served by port Adelaide (inhabitants in the XIX-th century — 2885), connected with a chief town highway and the railway (13,5 km) and on July, 15th 1845 declared as "porto-franko".

In 1965-66 the seaport turnover of goods has made about 2,1 million т, basically coasting cargoes.

Culture and education

Schools, theatre, scientific societies, among which Philosophical society. 3 universities (Adelaide University it is based in 1874 enters into number of leading educational institutions of the country, University of South Australia and Flinders University), 2 large museums (art and is natural-historical), conservatory, an art gallery.





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