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the Main "Australia" Immigration to Australia on an independent category


it is short about the program independent Immigrations

At present Australia takes 3 place among all countries of the world on a standard of living (for comparison, Canada takes 5 place, the USA - 10). High level of salaries, rather inexpensive habitation, social conditions - all this makes the country attractive to immigration. However Australia in it attitude carries out precise enough policy - specially developed program of immigration provides inflow really necessary people in the country.

Independent or professional immigration category allows immigrate to those people who are of interest for Australia as professionals of the business. This immigration program favourably differs from others that you are not obliged to have relatives in Australia or to sign the working contract with Australian employer.

If you have the supreme or average special education, and your speciality it is brought in list of the demanded trades, you and your family can apply for reception of the status of the permanent resident Australia. Into structure of family enter the husband/wife and not consisting In marriage children up to 18 years.

It is developed mark System , according to which immigrant, collecting such points for the qualification, an operational experience, age, knowledge of English, etc., should in the sum receive not less than a current lowest passing score. For basic applicant is necessary for collecting 120 points.

the Good opportunity for those, Who does collect a lowest passing score! Since 1st of July ,2004. The government of Australia has entered new immigration program

In what the program independent immigration to Australia it is similar to the Canadian program, but at comparison has a line essential advantages. First, requirements to applicants more soft. Secondly, it is not necessary to transfer money for the account For the proof of a financial solvency, that makes the program accessible at absence significant means. And, thirdly, for reception of citizenship in Australia need to be lived only 2 year (in Canada - 3 year). The passport of the Australia citizen enables visa-free movement practically worldwide.

The basic requirements for immigration

Department of immigration of Australia ,takes following base demands to all applicants for immigration:

  1. To be younger 45 than years.
  2. To possess knowledge of English language, sufficient to pass examination IELTS a minimum at 5 points on four parameters (reading, the letter, perception on hearing, speech).
  3. To have a speciality which enters in SOL (The Skilled Occupations List) - the list demanded The Australian trades.
  4. To have not less than 12 months of an operational experience for last 18 months , if for speciality it is received 60 points, or 2 year of an operational experience for last 3 years , if for a speciality it is received 50 or 40 points.

Candidates irrespective of collected should answer these requirements all amounts of points. In case any from specified points is absent, you cannot receive the immigration visa.

Besides the aforesaid, to immigrants are shown certain requirements on health. On finishing stage of consideration of your affairs in the immigration center you receive forms for passage of a medical board in established by the immigration center medical establishments. The reason of refusal in issue of visa on the basis of unsatisfactory health there can be a presence at you dangerous infectious diseases, and also illnesses, demanding expensive treatment. In the "black" list illnesses there is a tuberculosis, a cancer, AIDS and the some people others.

Besides you should not have previous convictions . For the proof of it to you it will be necessary to give the information from militia about previous conviction.

Expenses on immigration to Australia

Cost a full complex of services on support in current all immigration process makes $850 . This is:

  • the help at confirmation of your qualification in Australian confirming organization;
  • granting of materials for preparation to language examination IELTS (this detailed description examination, recommendations for preparation by each part examination, impressions of the people passed examination, 18 textbooks for preparation, an audiopath, etc. - more 500Mb information on a compact disc);
  • granting of our collection of materials about a life in Australia (the helpful information on employment, rent and purchase of habitation, practice of a life in Australia and Etc.);
  • preparation of documents for submission on emigration;
  • filling of the immigration questionnaire 47SK and forms 80;
  • granting of materials about passage medical boards;
  • consultations about the order of reception immigration Visas and registrations of exit documents;
  • granting of materials about moving, adaptations and etc.
Payment is made stage by stage: $510 at the conclusion of the contract, the others $340 - after successful your estimation qualifications in Australia.

Additional expenses:
  1. The state tax - 1990 AUD (nearby $1530 ).
  2. the Tax on confirmation of qualification - from $270
  3. Payment of 3 transfers of documents on the express train to mail - nearby $180
  4. Payment of services of the translator and the notary - nearby $200
  5. Cost of examination IELTS approximately $140-$ 240 on the person in dependence from the center in which examination is spent. If someone from members of family of the competitor on the visa is more senior 18 than the years included in the application, not in condition to pass examination IELTS for a minimum 4.5 (on the average), the sum 2690 AUD (nearby $2070 ) on everyone member of family should be paid before reception visas. The specified sum will be used for them training to language in Australia on special rates.
  6. The medical test costs approximately $100 on everyone included in The application of a member of family. Also for transfer of results medical boards honey. It will be necessary for center to pay from $70 (depending on amount of people).
Total , all expenses for one The person will make nearby $3300 , on family from 3 the person - nearby $3700

Duration of process

Duration Immigration process from the moment of the conclusion of the contract before reception of the visa makes from 8 month up to 2 years.

We thank Association Gulf Stream for the given information.




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