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Australia-RU - All about Australia » the Nature of Australia

Basically, Australia - the most dangerous country of the world. As it is not strange, but is the truth. In this fantastic country natural dangers which it is necessary to remember constantly, especially, people who come first time from the Europe or other cardinal points can trap you many. Unfortunately, the people coming here, often "relax" and lose vigilance. It is heavy to believe, that here it is possible to get in a trouble or even to be lost.


One of principal causes of the increasing popularity of Australia among foreign tourists is originality of its fauna and flora. To her to kinds posesses 82 % of the Australian mammals, 90 % of frogs and reptiles (by the way, the most poisonous in the world) and 45 % of birds. This uniqueness of the Australian nature has found the display and in local geografic names. Here there are islands: Sharks ( Shark Island ), Crocodiles ( Crocodile Island ), the Kangaroo ( Kangaroo Island ), Snakes ( Snake Island ), Wild Ducks ( Wild Duck Island ), Seals ( Seal Island ) and Great Palm Island ( Great Palm Island ); villages: Penguins ( Penguin ), the Camel Stream ( Camel Creek ), Coockatoo ( Coockatoo ), the Palm Beach ( Palm Beach ), gulfs: Swans ( Swan Bay ), Seals ( Seal Bay ), Cods ( Cod Bay ) and Sea Elephants ( Sea Elephant Bay ); mountain Emju ( Mount Emu ); small river of Swans ( Swan River ); мысы:Черепахи ( Turtle Point ) and Mosquitoes ( Mosquito Point ). Images of many kinds of the Australian animals can be found on mainly Russian-speaking page of the Internet www.australia.ru.


However, even such friendly Australian animal as the kangaroo (kangaroo) sometimes can well beat the person the hinder legs. Here do not recommend children to touch big kangaroos or their cubs at presence of the adult male. A dog being at you should be on vodka. The kangaroo do not love dogs and can attack even you if you will protect a dog. Australian Ukrainian writer Dmytro has described the Forelock in one of the stories as the kangaroo tried to drown a dog in the river. About " Kangaroo process " the Australian law is told in the chapter " Long live! "


At the same time careless kangaroos and other Australian animals (wombats, are malicious, opossums and so forth) can suddenly jump out on road (more often at night) in front of your car and to get under its wheels, despite of a barbed wire often protecting roads to Australia. Especially many the killed animals I saw on roadsides of roads in Tasmania where cars go rather seldom, and animals them are not afraid. Such "meeting" with animals can be dangerous and for people. I could be rendered medical aid to the young 18-years guy which car has turned over that it tried to go round the rabbit who has run out on road. Unpleasantly about it to write, but behind city feature where the maximal speed of cars makes 100 or even 110 km at an o'clock, at sudden occurrence of small animals on your way, for the sake of your safety and your passengers it is better to not turn off at all from road or sharply to not brake.


The Most part of exotic Australian animals is not afraid of people and sometimes allow itself to stroke, however all of them, wombat ( wombat - Vombatus ursinus) in particular, can bite or scratch you. Even such friendly essence as the Australian bear cub the koala ( koala - Phascolarctus cinereus) can seize you the claws the same as it does it, climbing up trees. Nevertheless the author of this book could not give up to itself in pleasure to be photographed with this carefree lazy and amusing animal which Australians, certainly, love more, than a kangaroo.


Male of peaceful Australian a duck-bill ( platypus - Ornithorhynchus anatinus) also it has appeared the unique poisonous mammal. The duck-bill is armed by a poisonous thorn which it hides on an internal surface of the hinder legs. At an injection this thorn can cause an intolerable pain and a local hypostasis. On the struck finiteness it is necessary to impose the trunk for some days.


In Australia there live huge birds cassowary ( cassowary - Casuarius casuarius), conceding in the sizes only to the African ostrich and weighing about 60 kgs. They live in tropical woods in the north of Queensland and touch nobody, but if them "to corner", they can tear to pieces youу clothes and a skin the 10-th centimetric claws.

Australian magpie ( magpie - Gymnorhina tibicen), not consisting in close relationship with European magpie, almost always peacefully coexist with a human civilization. But sometimes they become terrorists and unjustly attack people. Frequently their victims become children and bicyclists. magpie seldom peck, but their sudden approximation shout can frighten the bicyclist, and he can fall from a bicycle. If forty will venture you to peck, it will aim in sinciput or a neck, is rare - in an eye.


The Graceful symbol of Western Australia, a black swan ( black swan - Cygnus atratus), can attack the people who have casually come nearer its jack. It does not bite, but it beats the powerful wings and can fall down the person from foots.


Recently my car has fallen a victim to the bird widespread in Australia - the pelican. Pelicans live in seaside areas of Australia and often sit on columns of the electric system as cranes in Ukraine. One of these biggest birds simply "do kaka" on I wash the car. Lateral glass became like painted with exotic white-sulfur. I at once have recollected the Ukrainian expression: " Thank God, that cows do not fly! ". However imagine, how much it can be dangerous if such "paint" will suddenly close your windshield when you cross the bridge, on columns above which these majestic birds often sit.


Hundred thousand wild wild boars rush on the country! They do not attack people, but to hunt on them it is necessary only after corresponding " military preparation " for not finished animals at the best can tire out you on a tree! Meat of wild pigs in the Australia to sell it is forbidden, as it is considered dangerous, but abroad it sell!


Recently in Australia the increase in amount of cases of an attack a wild dog of a dingo ( dingo ) on people (mainly children) is registered. This dog accuse (though it and it is not proved) in disappearance of one child more twenty years ago. Consider, that this representative of a sort dog has got to Australia from Asia 3000 years ago and occurs from a house dog whom natives of Australia used on hunting. Gradually the dog of a dingo has run wild and now the big loss causes to an agriculture of Australia, attacking on sheeps. For this reason in Australia the longest fence in the world has been established.


It was stretched on 8 thousand kilometers through the states of Queenslands, the New Southern Wales and South Australia. Farmers as required ruthlessly shoot these dogs, however in the Australian reserves (for example, on island Frajzera ( Fraser Island ) where hunting for them is forbidden, their amount has essentially increased. The dingo can look is deceptive a friendly essence and often enough comes nearer to people.


Many tourists feed up it, subjecting themselves of serious potential danger. Some young dingoes (6-9 monthly) can attack people that " to prove the importance ". Advise also to not let out from a field of vision of children (which wild dogs more often attack), to walk small small groups and at a meeting with a dingo to remain quiet and to not disturb dogs.


Your foodstuff and the rests of meal should be inaccessible for dogs, as at any dog good sense of smell. Once to office of a local resort has come absolutely naked the man. When it sunbathed on the nature, it's cornet with clothes have dragged off a dingo as cornet it has put in the same also a sandwich. For infringement of an interdiction to feed dogs of a dingo on island Frajzera even the penalty - fifty the Australian dollars is established.

We thank a site Australia. RU for the given information.





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