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Australia » Business-emigration

Since March, 1st 2003г. The migratory legislation, Determining business a stream of immigration to Australia, has undergone to significant changes.

Businessmen Now are forced to receive all over again temporary visas on 4 years, and only after the organization of business or maintenance investment activity of the certain level on territories of Australia they will have the right to submit applications on a constant place residence.

The basic purpose and politics new changes - a direction business of a stream of immigration in less developed regions of Australia, where businessmen, sponsored by the regional governments, receive significant privileges in comparison with independent businessmen for whom requirements are toughened- restrictions on age and requirements to knowledge are entered English language.

  • Business-emigration as means of achievement of the purposes
  • List of all business of visas to Australia
  • About programs business of emigration to Australia
  • Requirements to applicants
  • As it works
  • Additional information
  • Quotations on services
  • Answers on questions

Business-emigration as means of achievement of the purposes

Advantages of business dealing in Australia in comparison with countries of the former Union are indisputable. Not looking at presence regulations by the state of many kinds business The activity, the developed and precisely working system taxation, the careful policy of the state on the attitude to small business allows the businessman in full measure to realize the intentions, receiving pleasure from observance of the standard norms and Comprehension, that these norms and rules are uniform for all participants of the market.

The businessmen having experience in business or administrative activity and possessing sufficient means for the organization of business in Australia, have an opportunity to immigrate to Australia by means of reception of one of visas business-stream. As well as any migratory visa, business the visa gives successful the applicant and its all family the status of the permanent resident Australia with the corresponding rights to become the citizen Australia in 2 years. In spite of the fact that the applicant signs the obligation that it is going in current of three years on arrival to be engaged in business, it not limits its rights and the right of its family to work on someone.

The list of all business of visas to Australia

1. Business of the visa to short-term stay in Australia:
  - Electronic visit the visa for businessmen 977 and 956
  - Business the visa short 456
  - Business the visa sponsored short 977 and 956
2. Business of the visa to long stay (A temporary residence):
  - Business the visa long 457 - the Independent head
3. Business of the visa to constant stay (a constant place residence):
  - business Founded in Australia, 845
  - Business founded in the certain areas Australia and sponsored by territorial authorities, 846.
  - The owner of business, 127 and 840.
 - The owner of business, sponsored Australian authorities, 129 and 842.
  - The head of a high level, 128 and 841.
  - The head of a high level, sponsored by territorial authorities of Australia, 130 and 843.
  - The investor, 131 and 844.

About programs business of emigration to Australia

If to speak about a ultimate goal - reception Australian citizenship, programs of that reception through business have the basic difference in following:

  - the businessman, being in the country or in Australia, proved with presence of the achievements in management of business, the large enterprise or the investment capital at home and on his basis at once receives the constant visa, such as " business owner " or "investor".
  - the businessman, being in Australia under any lawful visa which is not forbidding business activity, and, having organized or having bought business, proves to Department presence of the business of successes in Australia also receives the constant visa " started in Australia business" (the visa 845) or its derivative visa 846.

Practically in most cases that lawful visa on which the program business is under construction immigrations in Australia, is long-term temporary (4 years) the visa 457 - the Independent head. It mean that in this case the program of immigration consists of two stages: first it is necessary for applicant to receive the temporary visa 457 and during a finding on this visa in Australia to create or buy business, then to submit the application on the constant visa 845.

Requirements to applicants

For each visa there are requirements and the point-tests (mark systems of estimations). Co-searcher can approximately to estimate the opportunities and to choose the way of business of immigration independently or to address directly in the company which will help you to plan, prepare and carry out the program immigrations.

If to generalize features of these visas, that can be expressed them to the following:

it is desirable for Businessman to know English language, but it is not obligatory
Means, that the knowledge of English language is not included into the list of the cores criteria of visas, and it is included only in mark systems of estimations candidates where lack of knowledge of English can be compensated by other components of the test. Besides estimation of the English is made not so rigidly, as for competitors on independent emigration through IELTS. For example, a level of knowledge of English for the applicant on the visa 845 (the business Founded in Australia) it is determined during interview with migratory officer.

There are no restrictions on age
The age is not included also into the list of basic criteria also is present only as one and points of mark system of an estimation.

Experience in business or management
It is necessary for applicant to show 2-3-year experience in business or operation of business or management of the investment capital with necessary parameters of the activity. Practically it is possible to show for 3-5 years of activity.

For temporary visas 457 are not present rigid requirements to terms.

Minimal requirements to presence the capital

  - Temporary business the visa - AU$250,000 pure actives of family.
 - Business organized in Australia - AU$250,000 pure actives of family, from which AU$100,000 pure actives of business.
  - The sponsored business organized in Australia - AU$200,000 pure actives of family, from which AU$75,000 pure actives business.
  - The owner of business - AU$200,000 pure actives in business.
  - Sponsored owner of business - AU$100,000 pure actives in business.
  - The head of a high level - is not present requirements to personal actives and actives of business. A level companies of the employer - a turn from above AU$50,000,000
  - Sponsored The head of a high level - is not present requirements to personal actives and actives of business. A level of the company of the employer - A turn from above AU$10,000,000
  - The investor - AU$1,125,000 pure actives of family from which AU$750,000 high-liquid also are ready for investments in the Australian bond.

This information it is impossible to consider separately from a context of other requirements and conditions passages a point-tests.

Quotations on services

Undershowed quotations are agency compensation, which does not include other payments to the third parties and to the organizations. The prices are specified in the American dollars:
  1. Business the visa 456 short ( 3 month or repeated) - $1,200
  2. Business the visa 457 long (up to 4 years) - $3,900
  3. the business Founded in Australia, the visa 845- $4,500
  4. Migratory business of the visa 127, 128, 129,130, 131 - $8,800

Additional charges in dependences on a class and subclass of the chosen visa or programs of visas can make:
  - Applicational gathering from $40 up to $1,800
  - Training English language the basic applicant $2,600
 - Training English language 18 years - $1,300
are more senior than members of family   - The medical board for each member of family - $170
  - Business the plan (in process of necessities) - $2,000
  - Transfers documents $500 - $1,000
  - Audit Balances for the visa from 127 - up to $10,000

We thank Association Gulf Stream for the given information.




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