Just got a clip from my recent panelist appearance on #skynewsaustrali

Just got a clip from my recent panelist appearance on #skynewsaustralia ???? Sky News #skynews Paul Murray LIVE #aussienews #worldnews #tvnews #cablenews #sydneyaustralia #sydneystyle #australianews #charlottestyle #charlottenc #charlottefashion #newyorkfashion #nyfashion #newyorkstyle #sydneyliving #sydneyfashion #sydneystyling #bondibeach #bondi #bondistyle #bondifashion #bondilife #australialife

22 thoughts on “Just got a clip from my recent panelist appearance on #skynewsaustrali

  1. Barbara Mauldin

    Anna, I’m so glad you’re able to spread your joy and enthusiasm in Australia! We miss you in the U.S.A.!!! God bless!!

  2. Pe Ka

    We’re so lucky to have her here in OZ. Thanks for sharing her with us!!

  3. Robert Daniel Murphy

    guys are pigs, nice to see you taking the message over there

  4. George Rankin

    You are going to have the entire nation of Austrailia understanding our president and his global plan!! Great Work Anna!! Miss you back home here!!

  5. Charles Baesler

    Well done Anna.Sure do appreciate and miss you!

  6. Don Willey

    Anna, Let them down under know that you know what’s going on back home. A smart beautiful lady. Hang in there sweetheart.

  7. Steve Trauma Johnson

    Who was the prettiest lady in Aussie before Anna got there?

  8. John Troupe

    Anna is so damm beautiful.

  9. Richard Keltner

    oh how we miss her on fox and friends.

  10. Graham Robert Bishop

    Thats funny you don’t understand foreigners ?

  11. Glen Moon

    You need to tell them to put you on a curvy couch! ?

  12. Robert Daniel Murphy

    you apparently don’t understand. The pigs were on facebook

  13. Graham Robert Bishop

    You’ve lost me lol these pigs? ?

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