Well hey there #melbourne #melbz I know it’s mutual ?

Well hey there #melbourne #melbz I know it’s mutual ?

91 thoughts on “Well hey there #melbourne #melbz I know it’s mutual ?

  1. Maria Gabriella Cucchi

    Oltre alle nostre azzurre, ai prossimi Open d’Australia tiferò per la Azarenka, un’atleta che mi è sempre piaciuta non fosse altro per essere L’UNICA che ha dimostrato di saper dare del filo da torcere a una macchina da guerra come Serena Williams, le …See More

  2. Jim Collis

    I’m in your neck of the woods. The desert!!

  3. Leal Julio

    Felicitó a los padres de victoria por haber creado tan tremenda hermosura de mujer

  4. Annie Condon

    Love, love, love the sunnies!! You’ll need them in our beautiful hometown!!

  5. Lionel Richard Young

    I like Vic but dont like her gruntee grunteee

  6. Nedzad Ligata

    Hello sweety*l’m wount good play in Melburn*

  7. Hussain Salis

    Try and win grant slam@victoria Azarenka

  8. Scott Forman

    Ha. Love the glasses. You look like you are being yourself when you do selfies. Love your pictures! Good luck in Australia! I’ll be watching! Have fun.

  9. Pedro Costa

    So sexy…Australian Open champion. For sure.

  10. Zaibelis de los Angeles

    melbourne es todo tuyoo;)

  11. Muhamad Azad

    Very Beautiful Victoria..?

  12. Nusret Girgin

    Serena williamsı yenebiliyormusunuz 🙂

  13. Guillermo Eduardo Kinderman Merino

    Greetins from a chilean who lives in Nashville-Tennessee in this moment..lovely Victoria Azarenka.. 🙂

  14. Lucero Morales Echeverri

    She takes selfies and she wins… while Genie Bouchard takes selfies and doesn’t win… idk, I just wanted to say that.

  15. Felismar Aureliano Silva

    Nice to see you as winner again. Nice to see you again.

  16. Snipes Kupid Naufahu

    Toks she’s asking for you Melbourne Sydney Salvo ?

  17. Marley Smith

    Wuv ur sunnies……..l got 6 pairs they r hippie retro n soooo comfy ?

  18. Frank Sendall

    Vika!!! Has skills and styles #2 title 2016 coming up……………..

  19. Jen Jen

    She is playing phenomenal – keep going Vika!!!

  20. Earl Finnell

    Hello Victoria U and Yo Beautiful personality CONGRATS!!!!

  21. Abdul Kadir

    Hiii pretty and sweety victoria realy heart touching pic

  22. Oudina Heythem

    australia open is coming

  23. Fernanda Barros

    I’d LOVE to watch one of your games!

  24. Kevin Wenzel

    Miss watching one of the most intense players and prettiest.

  25. Kylie Neibling

    Will be my first time at the Aust Open this year, hoping to see you play.

  26. Reynold Bitikaka

    I pray you champion, hehe..Final viktoria Azarenka Vs serena Wiliams 6-4, 7-5, 6-3. hehehe..God Bless you.

  27. Daniel Hau

    Go Victoria. Show your stuff!!

  28. Абду Харун

    Amazingly beautiful vika, go out with me

  29. Sylvester Teck

    Believe and inspire yourself, the deserving person.

  30. Barry Turner

    Congrats. You are still the best lookin.luv you my friend

  31. Mark Timothy Albert

    Hey do you know she is Russian

  32. Kenneth Druckman

    Yes..of course it is! Congrates you look good holding a trophy!

  33. Jose David Gonzalez

    Hi Victoria, yes you make me very happy especialy when you are playing and shouting, are you the same por all??

  34. Philippine Pinabiaux

    Ahah j’ai pas aime la photo juste pour ca lol ?

  35. Bse OrNo

    vika I am Serena´s fan but I love you so much so pls one Grand – Slam trophy, at least, for this year. And come on, it is time to get back to the best 2 in the world. Come on VIKA

  36. Daniel Espinosa

    I’ll be there January 22nd for my birthday! If I see you on the practice courts, can we hit? 🙂

  37. Tom Purvis

    Staying stylish as always vika ?

  38. Serg Smirnoff

    That’s your own smile style as QWEEN Victoria!!!– Brisbane tennis Qween!!!

  39. Glenn Francois

    Hey there, long time no see! Good to see you’re doing well! Lol! ?

  40. Fethon Naoum

    Good luck at the Open!

  41. Jhon Torijano

    Los mejores deseos para este 2016 esperó todo sea tuyo……..también esperó conocerte algún dia. Bendiciones

  42. Michael Blacklow

    Hey there Vicka, I love your attitude towards people and life, we need more of you mate,,all the best for the Aussie open,,go hard mate xx

  43. Andrea Di Bartolomeo

    Looking forward to seeing you play. Best of luck.

  44. Troy Mercer

    If you don’t like her, why do you follow her page?

  45. Khamis Said Aloush

    I love you the most ..

  46. Rasheed Rose

    This is your year 2016…..all the best

  47. Joanne Hayes

    You are an awesome player. I am glad to see you recovery from your injuries . I hope for you is to be back in the #1 position because you have worked so hard. I lives in Mesa, Arizona and would love to come and see you play . Tear up the 2016 season and take the first grand slam of the year in AUSTRALIA..GO VIKKA GO.

  48. Agniya Bakhtsihareyeva

    Благодарю за Твою игру ( <3

  49. Adam Vogt

    Enjoy your time and good luck in the Australian Open .

  50. Mark Ysmael Robilla

    congratulation Victoria Azarenka for winning the Brisbane title! !! i love you!!!

  51. Sophia Storch

    YAYAYAYAYAA can’t wait to watch ?

  52. Hamza Eli


  53. Himachalam Himaction

    Hey your so beautiful inside….:)

  54. Larry Benson

    Hey Todd; got your VM; Kelly and Baby are doing good, they went home yesterday. Let’s do dinner soon.

  55. Adrian Taylor

    Hi Vicka. You are always welcome to our beautiful country. Good luck at aussie open. Play hard.

  56. Ruben Silva

    Victoria you’re just so BEAUTIFUL!!

  57. Christophe Mamczak

    Love Brisbane my friend ♡

  58. Michael S. Garcia

    Pretty smile Victoria

  59. Dano Denis Dubois

    You don’t even know what “it” is so you’re just ignorant.

  60. Абду Харун

    Amazingly beautiful vika, go out with me

  61. Paris Willis

    I luv Australian Women: Chris K. Mothers…..d aloha! As I Rank Her? Luv your name!!?

  62. MA Vi Privi Wahdi

    You are a treasure trove of rare

  63. Novrita Tilova Gultom

    c’ monnn vikaaaa….next title australian open for you!!!!

  64. Joël Lamoureux

    Beautiful tennis ladieee ;))) not change!! xxxx big fan from quebec canada!!! ;)))) Happy New Year!! ;))) ChoW!!

  65. Jonathan Lee

    I had a mad dream about u last night it’s not perverted it was crazy.

  66. Carlos Arlo

    Vika, every day you’re prettier, especially with your hair down and air. And then so captivating that smile of yours that makes you completely overwhelming

  67. Todd Powell

    Keep rolling we love you here in Oregon

  68. Serg Smirnoff

    That’s your own smile style of QWEEN Victoria!!!

  69. David Harwood

    Yep.. It’s mutual!!

  70. Mark Timothy Albert

    Well done you’ve won the hearts of Australia

  71. Ricardo Paternò

    Ponte los auriculares,, que te cantó una canción en Italiano. Bella ragazza.

  72. Sasha Solnechny

    Удачного начала Австралия опер для тебя Виктория…ждём твоих ровных выступлений на кортах..и конечно же побед. …и финала с твоим участием..

  73. Mark Timothy Albert

    You are my fav player

  74. Marco Milani

    I repeat…very,very cool!

  75. Tracey Conner

    Oh hey!!!! Man your such a groover – hope you enjoyed your swim with the dolphins on the beautiful Gold Coast today 🙂

  76. Ron Bower

    Dano Denis Dubois, not as ignorant as you. I understand English , you don’t, go have another beer.

  77. Ron Bower

    No it’s not mutual….never assume.

  78. Noémie Jumel

    Philippine Pinabiaux par contre la les lunettes…..?

  79. Ivan Cathy Mauko

    C’mon Vika….next title is the Australian Open!!! We are cheering for you x

  80. Jen Jen

    Ooo to see Victoria Azarenka in the Australia Open! She is playing phenomenally. Game on!

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