Children’s room design for a boy

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Arranging a child’s room is as enjoyable and interesting as it’s responsible, complex and costly. Obviously, the design of the room for a boy will depend on the size and shape of the room, the age of the child, the range of his interests and preferences. At the same time, finishing and furnishing should be safe and environmentally friendly, and the colors are bright and saturated. But not enough to annoy the psyche of the little owner. Still not confused? In our extensive selection of design projects of rooms for boys there are options for all occasions. We hope that among the presented interiors you will find an inspiring design that will help create the design of the children’s room that suits the child and does not ruin the family budget.

Room design for a boy

Children's play area

Design room for a boy depending on age

The first and most important aspect for creating a comfortable, comfortable and functional interior of a children’s room is the age of the child. For each periods of your baby’s life, different priorities are important. At first, he does not have his own preferences and the design of the room should mainly be liked by parents, set them up in a calm, peaceful way. If the parents are happy and happy, then the baby, feeling their mood, will enjoy life. As he grows up, the child has favorite activities, preferences in games and creativity. Heroes of cartoons and fairy tales become an integral part of the child’s life, and he wants to see them in the interior of his room. Then the games are gradually replaced by activities, the preschooler is already engaged in a lot and he needs storage systems not for toys, but for books and sports accessories. In the future, the school will completely replace the toys from the children’s room. Well, in the room of a teenager, parents generally have little to decide – the child has his own opinion not only about the room layout, the color of the wallpaper, but also the pattern of bedspreads, covers for decorative pillows and not only.

Bright decor elements

Bright design of the children's room

Pastel Room

Room for a child up to 3 years old

In the first years of the baby room design is important primarily for parents. As a rule, for a newborn, the room is decorated in soft, pastel colors, using bright accents as toys and stickers, stickers in the recreation area and games for the baby. The child begins to crawl, and then walk, so the priority of the decor of the children’s room is safe furnishings, a minimum of decor and a simple, but warm carpet that is easy to wash at home.

Room for a little boy

Rounded corners on the furnishings, commensurate with the growth of the child’s table and chair, convenient storage systems without doors and sliding mechanisms – all these design techniques will help create a comfortable and safe atmosphere of the children’s room.

“From 3 to 5” – the golden age of childhood

During this period of life, your baby begins to actively show his own individuality, he can already talk about his desires and preferences. The child will be grateful for the comfortable and comfortable atmosphere of his room. And for parents it is important that the furniture was made from safe materials, easy to clean and does not pose a danger. Therefore, it is better to limit yourself to open shelves for toys and books or to use drawers with limiters. In the period of development after 3 years in the design of the room for the child it is important to use bright accents. If you did not plan to make repairs that the baby met in his first days of life, then the easiest way would be to use textiles and toys to raise the brightness level of the room. A colorful bed cover or bright curtains,

Bright decor on a white background.

Room for a preschooler

Stickers for walls

Neutral atmosphere of the nursery

Nook for the baby

At the age of 3 to 5, most of their time children spend in games and creative activities, which means their parents have a task in providing a convenient and safe place for their baby’s entertainment. If the space of the room allows – be sure to install sports equipment – the wall of the Swedish or the crossbar with rings, rope. The physical development of the child at this stage is extremely important.

Deviation on the physical development of the boy

Bright print on a white background.

White color and light wood

Embedded Storage

Room for a boy 3-5 years

If the child is over 6 years old

The boy still spends a lot of time in games, but his studies are becoming an important part of his life. Therefore, the acquisition of a desk and an adjustable chair or chair with the back becomes a priority for parents. There are still a lot of toys in the preschooler’s room and they need appropriate storage systems, but open shelves with books already occupy a lot of useful room space.

Baby room in bright colors

Workshop for a boy

Integrated Storage Systems

Children in gray

Why limit yourself to a board for creativity or study if you can use a whole wall? There are enough goods in the shops – you can install magnetic blocks to which elements of creativity easily attach and the surface is erased with a usual wet sponge, black painted boards, on which it is convenient to draw and leave notes, as well as fabric segments to which you can attach Velcro. Children love these areas for creativity and classes in a game form are more fun and effective.

Wall for creativity

If the baby’s room has a bay window, then the arrangement of this zone can become a nook for the child – in this segment you can organize a place for solitude by hanging curtains and providing places for sitting in the form of frameless poufs or ordinary brightly colored pillows.

Making a bay window in the nursery

The space around the window is rarely used rationally in the homes of our compatriots. This is mainly due to the location of the radiators under the window sill. If you move a little radiator, you can organize a full-fledged workplace with a natural light source and a variety of storage systems located around the window opening.

Workplace by the window

Snow white room

Comfortable place to study and create

Rational use of space

Original and practical design

Working area by the window

White furnishings

Design room for the student

With age, your child’s priorities change. Previously, he spent most of his time in his room in games, but now he is mainly busy with homework and creative work. But this does not mean that the whole situation of the nursery needs to be replaced – surely your student already has a desk. Now it is important to re-equip storage systems for toys under bookshelves and containers for sports attributes.

Room for the student

Colorful textiles for the children's room

Bright storage systems

A school child has his own responsibilities, but this does not mean that he stops playing. Therefore, the main point in the design of the room for the boy becomes a clear zoning of space. It will be more convenient, more practical and more rational if the areas of study and creativity will not intersect with the segment of games and sports.

Design room for a child-student

Bright chandeliers in the nursery

If your student likes geography, travel stories, customs of different countries – a large world map of the room must be present. Using a large card or wallpaper with photo printing, you can not only provide information for your curious child, but also create color accents in the decoration of the room.

Full-wall card

Travel lover design

Map as wall decor

The original choice of color palette

Unusual execution of the wall map

A few ideas for the interior room teenager

It is not easy for adolescents, they have an answer to any question, any proposal has its own counter argument. Obviously, when planning the interior room for a teenager, you will need to work very closely with your child. The main thing is to come together in the basic concept and stick to this idea. The design of the room for the teenage student will depend on:

  • the shape and size of the room (the number of window and door openings);
  • the level of natural light of the room;
  • addictions of the owner of the room (it is obvious that the collector’s room will be radically different from the room of an amateur extreme sports);
  • parents’ budget.
Teen room design

The original design of the accent wall

Room in blue

In the room of a teenager, you will simply not be allowed to use wallpaper with teddy bears or cars. We’ll have to come to terms with the idea that changing the decoration of the room for a teenager is inevitable. As an accent wall in the room of the growing future men can use brick wall imitation. Such a design technique will allow to bring notes of brutality into the interior of the room.

Brickwork as an accent

Brutality notes due to the original finish

Also, for accent wall decoration in the room of a teenager, you can use wallpaper with photo printing. The image depends on your child’s passions – from photos of real cities or places to a symbolic image of comic book characters or street graffiti.

Original wallpaper with photo printing

Graffiti on the wall

An interesting idea for the execution of the accent wall is wallpaper that you can paint yourself. Usually the surface of this type of wallpaper is easily cleaned – your boy will be able to make more than one attempt.

Drawing on the walls.  which can be colored

Often, teenagers choose dark and even gloomy colors to decorate their rooms, parents have to obey the child’s choice, because he is in this room most of his time. But the younger men still need bright colors, accent spots in the interior. The easiest way to bring a variety of colors in the gray interior of the room with the help of wall decor or motley performance of textiles – bedspreads for curtains or drapes for windows.

Colorful decor for gray finishes

Bright textile design

Teen Bedroom in Gray

Minimalist setting

In the gray-orange palette

Room design for a teenager

How to equip a room for two boys

Only at first glance the organization of one space for two sons doubles the problems of the parents. It seems that it is impossible to place two bedrooms and workplaces in the same room, do not forget about the storage system in double size and at the same time leave enough space for games. But you come to the aid of design ideas that have been tested on thousands of families, formed over the years and served faithfully for more than one generation. A bunk bed is one of the most popular and practical options for arranging two beds with minimal expenditure of useful room space.

Room for two teenage boys

If boys have a big age difference, then the use of a bunk bed with a solid frame would be inappropriate. In this case, it is much more efficient to use a loft bed for a younger boy, and under it place a sleeping place for an adult son. Usually, with this arrangement of sleeping and resting places, there is a place for storage systems or arranging an area for activities or creativity at the bottom.

Sleeping places for boys of different ages

Use of a loft bed in a double room

If the space of a room for two boys of the same age allows, arrangement of separate beds would be an ideal option. If we manage to create mini-houses for each of the sons, we can assume that the mission of the parents is completed.

Houses for boys

In the room for two teenage boys, you will need to attend to not only the ergonomic arrangement of beds, but also the organization of a desk for two. Here are examples of such jobs that meet the rules of ergonomics and have an attractive appearance.

Workplace for two

Roomy practice area

Original design solutions

"Striped" room

Design examples of small rooms for boys

Most of the standard apartments in our country cannot boast with large rooms, and in private houses there are often situations where a very small room can be allocated for arranging a room for a boy. Parents are faced with quite acutely the question of organizing a comfortable and ergonomic sleeping place, setting up a desk, and yet it is important not to forget about all sorts of storage systems – for clothes and shoes, toys and books, items for creativity and sports. In this case, proven over the years planning and multifunctional furniture come to the rescue – beds with drawers in the lower part, built-in storage systems that easily transform into bookshelves or shelves for sports equipment, padded stools with space for storing toys inside.

Children's room in the attic

Small room design

Small room in blue

Modest room design

Residents of Russia who have gone through living in small communal apartments are well aware that furniture should be placed along the walls in a small room. In the case of organizing a comfortable room for a boy in a small space, this principle works fine – install a writing desk by the window, and place the bed perpendicularly along one of the walls and you will have enough space for games. As storage systems, use overhead shelves.

Furniture along the walls

White color for small spaces

Light small room

Snow-white decoration of the walls and light furniture will help to visually expand the small room of the nursery. If mirror surfaces are used as a finish for one of the walls or its part, then the visual room will have no borders at all.

Mirror surfaces for space expansion

The loft bed helps to save a significant amount of square meters of a children’s room. You can place storage systems under a sleeping place or organize an area for study or creativity, just do not forget about providing this poorly lit place with artificial light sources. Many children like sleeping places on an elevation, and under the bed you can make room for privacy, if you hang up curtains – everything depends on your boy’s temperament, only parents know what is needed for their child.

Bright loft bed

Loft bed to save space

Original loft bed

Bed and a place for privacy

Bed loft with storage systems

Here is an example of a built-in furniture complex consisting of two berths (one of them is extendable), a workplace, cabinets and open shelves. Even in a room with an area of ​​10 to 12 square meters you can organically enter such a complex, while the children will have some free space for games.

Spacious built-in complex

Built-in furniture significantly saves children’s room space. First, you place toys on the open shelves of the built-in storage systems, then books replace them. The only thing you have to worry about is the size of the built-in bed. Either it will be necessary to equip a sleeping place with a substantial margin, or to change furniture in 2-3 years.

Snow-white built-in furniture

It will help to save the useful space of the room a bed located on a certain elevation. In the depths of the podium can be located a spacious storage system.

Podium bed with storage systems

For a room located in the attic room, the complexity of the arrangement may not be so much in the size of the nursery as in its irregular geometry and large bevel of the ceiling. In such spaces, usually in the zone of the smallest height of the ceiling have storage systems – low racks for books and toys. The workplace must be placed at the window, if the geometry of the room allows, the remaining space is distributed under the zone of sleep and rest.

Children's room in the attic

Children's room with a complicated architecture

Attic games room

Thematic interior nursery for a boy


The marine theme is one of the most popular rooms for a boy to decorate. Firstly, all shades of blue are considered to be suitable for the interior of a boys’ nursery (and most often boys are delighted with such a color palette), and secondly, many of the guys really love everything related to ships, sea voyages and attributes of this sphere. of life. In this case, a wide range of goods on a given topic is revealed in front of parents – from beds in the form of boats and even sailboats to finished curtains with anchors or handwheels. The advantage of the marine theme is that much of the children’s decor can be made independently.

Nautical theme in design

Bedroom in nautical style

On the marine theme

White and blue interior

Sea style notes in the nursery

Marine subjects are not only ships, handwheels and anchors. The marine animal world is an immense theme for the embodiment in the design of the room for your little explorer of the depths.

In the subject of the inhabitants of the deep sea

Original colors

We love comics and more.

If your child adores comics and cartoons based on their motives, then there will be no issues with decorating the walls in the child’s room. It is only important to take into account that bright enough posters can act aggressively on the boy’s psyche. But only parents know everything about their child and can decide – it will be comfortable for him among bright and colorful pictures.

Colorful wall decoration

Poster wall decoration

Game of indians

Who among us did not like the game of Indians in childhood? You can run around the apartment and scream, paint the face and shoot an improvised bow. Modern children also like this theme. It is easy to beat her from the point of view of the arrangement of the children’s room, the main thing is that the space allows you to install a small wigwam. Children love to retire in small spaces, each child needs their own houses and places for secrets. For some boys, such a place of solitude in the form of an Indian tent is simply necessary – to be alone, to gather thoughts, to concentrate, to calm down emotions.

Wigwam Room Design

Having a place for privacy is especially important for rooms where two boys live. Inexpensive Indian tent will allow you to create a small house for one and at the same time does not require large expenditures of space or finance.

Place for solitude - wigwam

Sports theme

If your boy is interested in any kind of sport, then surely he will be pleased with playing up this theme in his own room. It is not necessary to arrange a gym in the room of the son. There are many ways of playing around the sports concept – drawing on textiles, small pieces of furniture in the form of sports equipment and just wall decoration with posters and paintings depicting stories on a chosen topic.

Football theme design

Sports motifs
Original headboard
Notes of sports life in room design

Design in beige tones

Room for a boy-athlete

“Space” room

If your child is interested in everything related to space, then these examples of decorating children’s rooms will be useful to you. The space in the room for the boy is the “starry sky”, created with the help of glowing in the dark wallpaper or with the help of special lighting of the suspended ceiling, these are images of planets and fantasies about the existence of aliens, this is the brilliance of stainless steel, the use of rivets and fixtures as on space ships, this is the corresponding print on the curtains and bedding textiles.

Space in the design of the nursery

Space theme

Flying in a dream and in reality

Cardboard rocket for a small cosmonaut