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The choice of tile for the bathroom and toilet is the most problematic in the process of planning repairs in the house. Often these rooms have a small area, and therefore tiles play a special role, visually improving the perception of the room. How to choose the best option?

Tile in the bathroom

Distinguish the types of tiles


To correctly determine which tile is best to choose in the bathroom, distinguish between the main types. The separation takes place on the wall and floor. The first type plays a decorative role and is produced in a small format. The second option is made in sizes 30×30, 50×50, 70×70. It is stronger and thicker.

Also the types of tiles for toilet and bathroom differ in the type of surface. It is glossy or matte, smooth or embossed. Correctly select the product in terms of the possibilities of its further operation. For example, on a glossy water droplets will be visible, it is easier to slip on it, and matte ones are harder to wash off, although they mask some of the dirt under a muted color.

For the floor, select those types of tile that have special anti-slip protection.

Consider the features of the room and some other factors. Let us highlight the fundamental criteria that simplify decision making.

What is taken into account in the choice of ceramic tiles in the bathroom and toilet:

  • The size of the room. Height, length and width of the walls.
  • Stylistics. Some finishes have a clear focus in the direction of classic or modern.
  • Location plumbing. It is reflected in the choice of tile format and laying pattern.
  • Optional accessories. This refers to the further decoration of the walls and floor.

To better understand how to choose the right tile for the bathroom, consider the parameters in more detail.

Variants of tiles in rooms of different sizes

When choosing, first of all, take into account the dimensions of the room


Much has to do with the size and configuration of the product. This will affect mainly the visual perception and the creation of additional effects. How to choose a ceramic tile in the bathroom, depending on the shape and dimensions of the elements.

There are the following types of tiles:

  • Square. Mainly used in floor finishing. The running models are available in the format of 30×30 cm and 50×50 cm. Tile sizes of 15×15 cm, popular in past years, are chosen on the walls.
  • Rectangle . Simulates floorboard, laminate, brick. The most common variant is 25 × 20. Also today, large items are gaining popularity. Do not do without curb inserts.
  • Difficult shapes . Used in creating patterns on the floor or decorative compositions.
Variety of tile shapes

The shape and size of the tiles play a big role in the design of the bathroom.

In small rooms it is unacceptable to use bulky tile, especially on the floor. But in spacious rooms this is a great option, reducing the number of seams and giving the interior a feeling of high cost.

But it is not enough to choose a tile only in size. Pay special attention to planning layouts. There is a connection between the shape and dimensions of the lining, as well as the color of the finish.


To choose the right tile in the bathroom, you need not only to find the right kinds of sizes and shapes, but also to choose a palette. What color for tile to use in the bathroom? Since there is a problem of not only limited space, but also lighting, it is better to focus on light shades. Normal white tile looks dull, but it is beaten with other compositions. Beige and sand shades work well. For romantic natures, there are types of pastel colors. They are perfectly connected with white plumbing and furniture.

If you want to bring brightness and energy to the interior of the bathroom and toilet, pay attention to the fruit shades and the sunny palette. Raspberry, red, orange, and also juicy green and lime are popular.

In order to maintain the marine theme, take a turquoise or azure. Or choose a quieter bathroom tile color, such as blue or lilac. They act on a person relaxingly and help relieve stress when taking a shower.

Spacious luxury bathrooms are decorated in rich dark colors. Black tile with gold looks elegant, but not everyone can afford such a combination of colors.

Bathroom with a well-chosen tile

Tile makes the room luxurious, if matched with taste


To simplify the choice of tile in the toilet and bathroom, think in advance about possible combinations of colors and shapes in the lining. With the help of the simplest combinations create interesting decorative design. Ceramic finish combine completely different ways.

If we take into account specifically the combination of colors for the tile in the bathroom, select the following directions:

  • Calm transitions . Here, the combination of shades of one range or similar colors is taken as a basis. The border can be barely noticeable or separated by a border. On the bottom of the walls usually put a darker shade. The floors duplicate it or slightly differ.
  • Contrast. Selection of ceramic tiles for the bathroom is carried out on the principle of selecting individual zones and elements in different colors. This design creates clearer contours and zoning the area. Combine only those shades that look organic in a bundle.
Bathroom color options

Varieties of colors

In addition, the combination of tiles in the bathroom concerns the format of the decoration itself. On the walls it looks great combination of standard tile with smaller elongated elements. On the floor, square details are complemented with small inserts. It is important to properly position them in relation to each other. Then the repair in your bathroom will be made perfectly in terms of acquiring interior materials for the interior.