How to start and how to finish the repair in the bathroom?

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First a plan, and then everything else.

Bathroom repair scheme

In fact, drawing up a plan of work related to the repair of a bathroom is the most important stage. If the repair is poorly planned, it will be poorly done. When you know what should be the end result, it is easier to strive for it.

First , you need to decide on the design of the room. Choose the color component, draw up the layout of the sanitary equipment, consider how, what and where should be located, make all the necessary measurements.

Secondly , it is necessary to determine the choice of materials from which everything will actually be done. Here you need to pick up the equipment. And it’s not just about the toilet with the bathroom. In this room there are mirrors, cabinets, shelves and so on.

Third , make a quote. Perhaps the most important and crucial stage. After all, for its implementation, it is necessary to know firsthand how to start repairing the bath.

It only seems that, in principle, nothing complicated here. In fact, everything is different. If you take up the cause yourself, sometimes you begin to regret that you didn’t ask for help from specialists.

Important! The company Warmly House has been carrying out repair activities for many years. Our masters know not only how to start repairing the bathroom and toilet, but how to finish it all. After all, the most important result. Right? Contact our consultant right now and discuss the conditions.

Choosing materials and saving correctly

save correctly

It is clear that I always want to save money on everything. But, probably, you are aware that the miser pays twice . So, do not forget about it. Save money on building materials also need wisely. Of course, to do this correctly, you need to understand everything well, otherwise, the idea is doomed to failure. If you do not understand at all what you need and how much, then it is better to provide all this to the specialists of the company Warmly at Home. Of course, I want to do everything with my own hands, but think about the following: would you like the tile with which you laid the walls to fall off after a year and fall on your head? It is unlikely that it was the limit of your dreams. And this is quite possible when, for example, you pick up the wrong glue. In general, there are many nuances.

Here are not all the materials that will be useful to you:

  • Plaster mixes.
  • Mixes for the implementation of the floor screed.
  • Primer.
  • Concrete contact.
  • Materials for the ceiling.
  • Tile, PVC panels.
  • PVC pipes, bends.
  • Polypropylene pipes.
  • Electrical wire
  • Power sockets.
  • Drills, screws, dowels.
  • And many many others.

But this is only consumables. In addition to them, you also need the appropriate tool.

Do you want to know how to start repairs in the bathroom with your own hands? Try to study this question first and then understand if it is worth it.

What does saving mean right ? Do it yourself is not a saving cure. Yes, perhaps, it is pleasant to do something on your own, but this does not mean that it is profitable from an economic point of view. If you contact the company Warmly at Home, then a quality repair of the bathroom will be completed within 3 weeks. How much will you do it yourself? Three months? Well, this is taking into account the fact that there will be no other classes. Do you feel time consuming? And the savings will be what?

bathroom repair

How do repairs begin and how do they end?

How to start repairs in the bathroom? If you nevertheless decided to think again and resort to the help of specialists in this matter, then the repair work begins with the selection of a contractor, the signing of the contract, and payment for services. In order for you not to be mistaken with the choice of the company that will perform the repairs in your bathroom, we have written a very useful article. It is called “ How much does repair cost, or how does a construction worker slam?” “.

If you are still not interested, and you want to do everything yourself, here is the procedure:


In this matter, it is important to understand one simple truth: dismantling is the reverse sequence of installation. That is, imagine the sequence in which the repair was carried out, and do the opposite: remove all the plumbing, remove the lockers, remove the mirrors, block and cut the pipes, get rid of the floor covering, remove the tiles from the walls, peel off the ceiling part. After that, make sure that everything is well cleaned. Clean the room. The final stage – eat the door.

Wall preparation

Before you start to glue the tiles on the walls, they must be leveled. A simplified version is to use drywall sheets for this purpose. However, this type of alignment has only one plus and a trailer minuses. If we already started repairing the bathroom, do not know where to start finishing, it is better to look towards the plaster. Align the walls in this room is better good plaster mixtures. Consider that all this will be glued tile, the cost of which, at times, leaves much to be desired. If you do not want it to crumble from the walls a year later, like a Christmas tree in February, then it is better to do everything that depends on you to prevent this from happening.

Dismantling tiles
laying tiles in the bathroom

Laying wires and pipes

This is a very important stage, about which it is easy to forget. So that later you don’t have to additionally pave the walls, you should take care to hide the pipes and wires out of sight beforehand.

Tile laying

When the walls are prepared, you can begin to lay tiles. This requires the tile itself, a good tile adhesive, sealant, grout mix and all the necessary tools. It should be noted that the tile with a symmetrical pattern should be mounted from the middle of the wall, and from the asymmetrical – from the most prominent area. It is necessary to lay tiles evenly, constantly using the construction level. A special plastic cross should be inserted between each tile. The overhaul of the bathroom where to start – this question is relevant even when laying tiles, because there is also a certain sequence here. At first one element is laid, the second is located nearby, and the third is placed above the first. Due to this principle, the surface should get perfectly smooth.

Ceiling mounting

Recently, hanging ceilings are very popular, as well as suspended ceilings. Their main merit is that they are able to withstand up to 100 liters of water. And this means that such a ceiling can save you from being flooded by your neighbors. Care for the ceiling is easy, it does not deteriorate over time.

Installation of flooring

The bathroom floor can be made of tile, stone, as well as of some types of laminate and parquet. Recently, the so-called “warm floor” is very popular. It happens electric and water. For its installation on the floor lay a special design with insulation. Then, all this is poured with concrete, and the top is already laid covering in the form of tiles, laminate and so on.

bathroom ceiling
installation of bathroom equipment

Final stage

Repair of a bath in a new building: where to start now is clear. How to finish it? We have a finished room. It must be thoroughly cleaned and plumbing can be installed and installed. Connect all the pipes, install filters and counters, hide the risers, fasten a mirror and cabinets, install lighting devices. In general, in this matter it is better to adhere to the following sequence:

  • Bath.
  • Sink.
  • Toilet.
  • Connecting plumbing and installation of the necessary pipes.
  • A door.
  • Furniture.
  • Mirrors
  • Lighting.
  • And so on.