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The children’s room is the center of the child’s world, so it must be safe, spacious, beautiful and comfortable, especially for him. Do not forget that interior design should meet the interests of the baby. Do not impose your ideas on him, showing a photo of the repair of a nursery, otherwise, he may feel uncomfortable in the room.


If the child is still very small, and you cannot consult with him, then it is better to choose a functional finish and furniture so that as they grow up they can be easily changed. Independent repair of the nursery can be carried out quickly and easily. The main thing is to think over the zoning, the use of certain materials, costs and the future design of the nursery.

According to psychologists, for the normal development of the child, it is important that he was surrounded by pleasant pastel colors combined with bright (but not excessively) elements. If you make the repair of a child’s room with your own hands correctly, then it will contribute to active life, study and creative activity. Looks great carrot, apricot, apple and other fruit shades.

Work planning

Before proceeding with the repair, it is important to pay attention to a few key points. Do not forget that the nursery at the same time serves as a bedroom, a place to study and a play area. When planning to carry out repairs for your children, make the corners of the nursery have a different style. And each zone should have its own features and shades.

The room should be kept in the same style, but different objects and colors characteristic of your children. While still at the planning stage, we recommend that you carefully consider all stages, their sequence, what materials will be needed and predict the duration of the repair.

If you are making repairs for the first time or it is difficult for you to cope with the work yourself, you can hire a specialist to follow the progress of the work and provide instructions. Consider that in the children’s world there is no place for mediocrity and normality, therefore strive to do everything to keep the child satisfied.

Assembly work

Every repair begins with the installation of electrical wiring. If there is a computer in the nursery, provide it with one Internet outlet and three electrical ones. When aluminum wiring, we recommend changing it to a new one.

Any battery must have safe caps. In addition, the room will need high-quality lighting. Primary color for children’s eyes will not be enough, so during the repair of the nursery for a boy or girl, be sure to provide additional lighting by installing it near the area for playing, bed or desk.

A very common and popular way to improve the lighting are compact lamps with durable glass, built-in ceiling. This lighting is almost impossible to damage with a ball or any other toy. When installing such lamps, you need to install a plasterboard ceiling or a suspended ceiling, since the minimum height of such a lamp is from 5-8 cm.

If you plan to install a wall pendant, you can paint or paste over the wallpaper. However, it can be decorated with different figures that would glow at night. Remember to make sure that glowing objects are completely safe. If we talk about the chandelier, it is better to give preference to the chandeliers with a plastic lampshade, since it will not break during the game and will not harm the child.


Before you begin to finish the walls, do not forget to align them by resorting to painting work. For this you need plaster or putty. Before applying the plaster you need to pass the wall with a primer, which is easily applied with a roller. Divide the wall into sections and proceed to leveling the wall using beacons.

To prepare the primer, you need to take a clean container into which to pour water and fill the dry mixture in the correct proportions. The solution must be stirred well with a drill with a mixer, leave the consistency for 5 minutes and then re-mix. The solution is prepared at the rate of half an hour of work, since after this time it begins to harden and set.

Then the plaster is prepared and applied. If you are going to use a putty for leveling walls, before this, also perform priming work. As soon as the putty dries, the wall should be sanded with sandpaper.

Not all facing materials can be used to repair a child’s room for a girl or a boy. The lining itself provides several options. The most common among them – wallpapering, which can be vinyl, paper, etc. Special security paper wallpapers are different. But be that as it may, if you decide to opt for vinyl wallpaper, be sure to ask the seller for a certificate that confirms their quality.

Liquid wallpaper would be an excellent option, but this method is more expensive. In this regard, you can choose a lot of original and amazing options. By choosing the color of the coating should be taken especially seriously, so that it complements the interior of the room and harmoniously combined with furniture. If you decide to paint the walls, then experts recommend resorting to water-based paint.

If the child decides to make a drawing, it can be painted over or washed. The safest option for decorating walls will be wallpaper made from plant material or eco-friendly wallpaper. In the production of plant material, used fiber straw, bamboo, algae, cane, jute on a paper basis.


Such weaves create an effective pattern. You can buy wallpapers of valuable species – zebrano, cherries, sandalwood, cork coverings. This option will cost much more, but it will have a positive effect on the health of your baby.


Most often for the walls in the nursery used wallpaper. However, it is extremely difficult to understand their assortment, especially for the uninitiated, since it is worth paying attention not only to the base material, but also to the coating.


The most successful choice for a child’s room would be paper wallpaper, for a few reasons:

  • absolute safety and environmental friendliness;
  • variability and aesthetics – many designer collections are based on paper;
  • low cost – when a child grows up or shows his artistic talent on the walls, you can easily replace the finish without spending a lot of money.

Flizelinovye wallpaper, enjoying high popularity in our time – not the most suitable option – although they are safe, but compared to paper, not so environmentally friendly. Moreover, they imply coloring, and the choice of dye is also not easy.

Tip! Polymeric or oil wallpapers are not used in the nursery, as they are toxic. The most successful choice is water-based paint – it dries quickly and is considered environmentally friendly, which means the repair will be completed much faster. Acrylic dye is also perfect – it almost does not smell and forms a durable film that can later be cleaned and washed.

Vinyl wallpapers are not suitable for the children’s room, as they do not let the air through, not allowing the walls to “breathe”.

Photo paper on paper basis can be used, but it is better to give preference to materials with safe dyes and high print quality. They will not lose their original appearance under the influence of ultraviolet radiation.

The plot itself for the design of the walls is selected in strict accordance with the age of the child – if he is still very small, then you can stop the choice on neutral motifs, and if he is more than ten years old, he can choose the covering with you.

Do not forget that both wallpaper and glue for their installation should be eco-friendly. Therefore, the most logical option is to use an organic adhesive, as silicate glue can lead to yellowing of the paper, and synthetic materials often contain acetone, phenol and other unsafe solvents.

For cladding children’s room, you can use wood panels, not plastic. Plastic violates the microclimate of the children’s room, so that its use should be abandoned. Wood can bring a special flavor to the room, if using it to make competent zoning.


To make the decoration of the room with your own hands means to show imagination, creating a truly functional and beautiful room. Do not forget that the baby is constantly growing and developing, and at the same time with these processes his interests change.

For this reason, when designing a nursery, you should give preference to universal colors for the main elements: the ceiling, the floor, the walls. To set the mood of a room, you can decorate it yourself or with your child. These can be pillows, curtains, furniture, paintings, carpets, baskets of various colors. As the child grows, the scenery can be changed without resorting to serious and costly repairs.

Creating an interior of the children’s room with their own hands implies a lot of effort, but if you take into account the basic recommendations for the design, the result will please your child for years.

Security questions

Each of the materials used for the children’s room should be safe and environmentally friendly. It is necessary to completely hide sockets and wiring. It is good if the lamps will have resistance to falling and shocks (the lamps of the closed type are perfect).Windows should have a grid with a secure fit, an additional locking mechanism, as well as tight handles. We recommend to pay attention to the fact that the furniture in any case should not have sharp or protruding elements. As an alternative, you can use special protection from sharp corners. Make sure the door does not close from the inside.


It is good if you equip a room for a baby so that it can grow at the same time as it. Such an idea of ​​repair is based on the purchase of functional furniture. For example, a bed can combine a wardrobe and a bed. The table can have separate bedside tables and shelves for books. Experts believe that complex patterns contribute to the development of the child’s imagination.

You can buy special vinyl stickers that will stimulate the child’s visual activity, but not strain your eyesight. You can equip the nursery with sports complexes so that the child can fully develop physically. For example, you can build gymnastic rings, a rope and a simple Swedish ladder.

There are many options for design and decoration of children’s rooms, so we recommend that you take into account all the slightest features and consult with your child before repairing his room. When all construction and repair work is completed, let the room stand for a while (several days) so that all smells disappear, after which you can run the baby into it.

Adhering to all stages of repair, you will do all the actions with high quality and quickly. Make the style of the room reflect the inner world of the child, which will allow him to feel comfortable and develop normally. We hope that our advice on the repair of a nursery will help you to cope with all the tasks and implement ideas.

Characteristic furniture

Making a children’s room, you can feel like a magician. Using only a few details, you can turn a simple room into a fairy-tale world. But remember that excessively bright colors and variety will only tire the baby. The best material for the nursery will be natural wood.Experienced builders do not recommend the use of chipboard, as it consists of phenol-formaldehyde resins. Employees recommend using plywood. Choosing laminated chipboard, you need to pay attention to the layers of laminate – they should be without cracks, debris and dense. Give preference to manufacturers of natural and wear-resistant furniture.

The windows in the children’s room

Carrying out repairs in the nursery with your own hands, it is important to take into account such a component as windows. The safest option is a modern glass unit. This option will keep you warm, relieve you of drafts and perfectly isolate noise. To ensure natural ventilation, pay attention to the options that are equipped with ventilation valves.

Demanded material for the production of plastic windows – polyvinyl chloride. According to experts, it is able to emit toxic substances exclusively during combustion. Upon completion of the installation of the plastic window, we recommend you to think about the slopes, surface finishing with plastic plates, which will harmoniously complement the construction.

It is also important to pay attention to the window sill, which should be particularly durable. It would be nice to finish it with plastic plates. Do not forget that all elements of the window structure should fit as closely as possible to each other. Each of the slots must be treated with a special sealant and install a seal between the frames.

Experts advise buying original blinds and curtains to recreate harmonious repairs in the nursery. Favorable atmosphere contributes to the good mood of the baby. It is important to pay attention to building materials.