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Australia -EN - Cities of Australia


It is the third large city after Sydney and Melbourn . The beginning of this city became the river Brizben-River named so in honour of governor Thomas Makdugal Brisben. Brisben has woken up from a long dream in 1988г, after celebrating the two-hundredth anniversary of colonization of Australia.

Brisbane Today this city represents curious mixture of a modern megacity with colonial city. In architecture spikes of the Victorian churches are combined with the palm trees landed before facades of skyscrapers. On all city extensive parks where you can easy take a walk or esteem the book were stretched.

The special atmosphere of a up-to-date megacity and the pleasant climate, allowing to spend the most part of time on fresh air, promote the quiet and measured life peculiar to tropical cities. In Brisbane average temperature in summer isт 20-27°C, and in the winter 20-21°C.

The business centre here not so is great as in Sydney and Melbourn. Shops and shopping centers are located in streets of Adelaide, Albert and Edward. Here all time wanders multinational crowd, there and then you can see the local natives, differing an original shade of a skin – colors ochre.

Restaurants and the centers of a night life are concentrated in City on Queen - street Moll. At the warm nights it is especially pleasant to spend time on coast of the river where the open terraces of restaurants and dancing clubs on fresh air work.

In what direction you would not go, approximately in an hour of driving, you will get on wonderful city beaches.

Brisbane Though on infrastructure Brisbane the climate a little lags behind Sydney and Melbourn, but here here, undoubtedly, the best! Hardly, you still somewhere can enjoy fresh air and the sun all the day long and the year round!

You can find many zoos in vicinities Brisbane and reserves which, especially, will be interesting to children. Here to you will allow to feed various kinds of a kangaroo, from dwarfish up to the greatest which are always very friendly and glad to dialogue.

- beautiful tropical city, but it usually bypass attention. Here seldom who stops more, than on one two nights as all at once aspire on the resort Gold Coast located at 2 o'clock driving on highway on the south. Usually in Brisbane stop for two reasons - a business trip or transit.

Brisbane is capital of one of the most prospering states of Australia - Queensland - and also one of the most important cities of Australia. In a combination to a magnificent climate it makes by its important center of holding conferences, seminars and exhibitions of the world value.
The airport of Brisbane is one of the main international and local airports Australia which were therefore very much, Australia travelling from exotic corners or Ocenia, stop here for one-two night, pending the necessary flight or is simple to add a variety in the long travel.

The most beautiful kinds of Brisbane open from water during cruise over the river Brisbane on which coast there is a city. If you have decided to stop in Brisbane, we recommend you to order a sightseeing tour to get acquainted with special colour of this many-sided city where working in skyscrapers of business city from glass and concrete owners of the companies leave in the evening home for the colonial private residences. Owing to a favorable climate and a convenient geographical position the State of Queensland which capital is Brisbane, always was prospering. The government of state, always stated discontent in occasion of that Queensland should feed other less fertile states. Grown rich on a sugar cane and a gold fever planters, built to themselves magnificent private residences in colonial tropical style and many of them till now were kept, reminding about that time, and proving, that Queensland, on former is a granary of Australia.

If for any reasons you have stopped in Brisbane for long term we recommend you to visit parks of attractions of Gold Coast. To the north from Brisbane one more Australian resort - Solar Coast is located, here you can not only be expiated on a beach, but also visit the most known park-plantation in the country of tropical fruit - "Big Pineapple".

On quay of the river Brisbane

If you love the nature, we recommend you to devote day to to visit indescribable beauty the island Frejzer included in the World heritage of UNESCO. You can get out also of city to appear in real Australian "jungle" - damp tropical woods of national park Lamington which too is under protection of UNESCO.

How to reach

By plane

The international airport of Brisbane accepts both international, and internal flights. It is approximately in 25 minutes of driving from the center (about 13 km) and is one of three main airports of the country
The international message - Brisbane accepts flights from many countries of the world, including from Tokyo, Singapore, Seoul, London, Hong Kong and other cities. Besides many flights in the countries of Ocenia, such, for example, as New Zealand, Solomon islands, Fidji, New Caledonia, Vanuatu and others from here are made. The internal message - Brisbane is the main airport of Queensland and consequently acts in a role of the main reloading point for continuing the travel after Gold Coast to Cairns, on islands of the Big Barrier Reef, to Perth, Townsville and other corners of Australia.

On the car

Driving in Australia gives huge pleasure, therefore the some people prefer to travel on the country on the car. Special interest routes cause Sydney-gold Coast-Brisbane (1001 km, 2 days in a way), Brisbane - Cairns (1716 km, 4 days in a way) and Brisbane - island Frejzer (298 km, 1 day).

By the bus

Ramified net of bus routes connects Brisbane with any point of Australia. Motor coach are equipped by all necessary for long moving, in particular: conditioners, folding backs, washstands and toilets. In all buses it is strictly forbidden to smoke. In some buses videorecorders are installed. Travel by the bus comfortable also allow to save means, however it is impossible to forget and that one of the main features of Australia - Tyranny of Distances. Travelling by the bus, for example, from Sydney up to Brisbane, you win in comparison with plane nearby 100 US $, but lose all the day.

By train

The network of railways in Australia is developed not so well, in comparison with automobile, but Brisbane is connected with all main cities in the east of the country, such, as Sydney, Melbourn, Cairns, Longrich. It is important to remember also, that railways in Australia - not cheap pleasure.





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