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Australia -EN - All about Australia » Prices in Australia


If you come from the Europe or the USA Australia will seem to you enough the cheap country. For the prices for habitation here reasonable and if you stop in boards or campings and prepare, you can keep within 20-25 dollars a day. Charges on road will be your basic charges as distances here big but if you travel only on short distances, eat at restaurant of one-two time in day and live in inexpensive hotel your charges will make per day approximately 50 dollars. If you have arrived on couple of weeks and plan to make some internal flights count not less than on 100 dollars a day. You will not have any problems at an exchange of a foreign currency as it can be made practically in any bank or exchange office. Traveller's cheques usually exchange at more favourable rate, than currency though banks and take the commission. Credit cards (in particular Visa and MasterCard) are accepted everywhere, and very much to you will be useful, if you decide to take for rent the car. Cash disp enses on all country accept credit cards and cards Cirrus.

In Australia it is accepted to give the tip, especially in cafe and restaurants of big cities; 5-15 % from the sum of the bill will be enough. However, on you nobody will be in insult if you will not give them. Taxi drivers will be grateful to you, if you will leave him some money.


Incomes and charges


Expenses are initially individual and will depend from structure of family, prophetic which you will take with yourselves, presence at you habitation initially, etc. Most likely, your table of the first charges will differ. Below we result only most often meeting charges in the first month of stay in Australia.

Charges Cost
Hotel accommodation (on one person, for a month, inexpensive habitation for A$50-A$80 in day) A$1400-A$2230
a Feed A$400-A$700
Clothes initially A$200-A$500
Articles of prime necessity A$50-A$100
Transport A$100-A$200
Total: from A$2150

Further The table displaying your monthly expenses is resulted after you will find constant habitation in Australia. Some purchases can not be necessary for you. For example, if you rent the apartment with furniture to buy your own it is not necessary yet.

Charges Monthly Periodically
1 Rent of habitation A$600-A$1000 nearby A$1500 the deposit (one time)
2 Furniture, office equipment   A$3000-A$6000 (one time)
3 the Refrigerator   A$600-A$800 (one time)
4 the Car   A$2000-A$20000 (one time)
5 Travel (transport or gasoline) A$100-A$200  
6 Phone A$25 sub.payment, A$50-A$60 on calls A$50 installation (one time)
7 the Electricity A$50  
8 Water   A$90 (one time in half a year)
9 Gas A$10-A$50 seasonally  
10 the Internet A$30  
11 a Feed A$400-A$700  
12 School   A$200-A$1000 on textbooks, the form, etc. payments For school (yearly)
13 the Kindergarden * A$600-A$1000  
Total, a minimum:
(Without taking into account item 2, 3, 4, 12, 13)
from A$1400 plus nearby A$1500 the deposit for inhabitancy (one time)
* the state helps to pay charges on a kindergarten. More in detail see in section Education in Australia.

Now about incomes. We result the basic list of not qualified works and level salaries. It is a minimum on which you always can rely on.

the Trade the Minimal payment
(At an o'clock)
the Salary in a month
(At the 8-hour worker day,
5 days in a week)
the Cleaner (in shop, cafe) A$11 A$1760
the Worker on manufacture A$13 A$2080
the Ancillary worker in a garden A$11 A$1760
the Waiter A$14 A$2240
the Seller A$13 A$2080
the Driver A$12 A$1920
the Worker on construction A$13 A$2080
Care of children A$12 A$1920

Apparently from tables, even on not qualified work incomes exceed charges. Certainly, under condition of "Іъюэюьэюую" expenditures of means initially. At reception the qualified work you, at last, can to feel, that means to live in Australia! In dependences on a speciality, on it leaves from 2 months till 1 year. With salaries qualified experts you can familiarize below.

the Trade the Minimal payment
(At an o'clock)
the Salary in a month
(At the 8-hour worker day
5 days in a week)
the Hairdresser A$11 A$1760
the Cook A$14 A$2240
the Chief-cook A$17 A$2720
the Pharmacist A$16 A$2560
the Teacher A$17 A$2720
the Bookkeeper A$30 A$4800
the Operator of the personal computer, the secretary A$22 A$3520
the Programmer A$35 A$5600
the Engineer A$30 A$4800
the Electrician A$27 A$4320
the Mechanic A$23 A$3680



We thank Association Gulf Stream for the given information.




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