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The Extensive island continent located to the south from Indonesia and Papua of New Guinea, Australia lays between Indian and Silent oceans. The sixth on size the country of the world, Australia reaches 4000 km from the West on the east and on 3200 km from the north on the south. The Most part of territory of the country - the fruitless sparsely populated grounds. The great bulk of the population lives in lowlands and fertile plains of east and southeast coasts. The Big Water-separate Ridge passing through all continent lasts from the north on the south along east coast of the country, endowing plains of coast from the dry internal grounds. The big Barrier Reef is located in 50-300 km from continent and stretched on 2000 km from passage Torresova up to Gladstone.


In Australia - unique flora and fauna. One of local plants is eukaliptus which totals here about 700 kinds. Other plants are: the Australian acacia, banksia, telopea, a horsetail field and a tea tree. Endemics animals of Australia are: a kangaroo, the koala, emu, a duck-bill, the opossum, it is malicious, wombat and a dingo. Here too many interesting kinds of birds, such as a parrot, a cockatoo, coocabarra, and local reptiles and insects. The fauna varies from the Australian spiders, snakes (tigred, copper-headed, fatal and red-pouched) up to sea and river crocodiles. In the country more than 500 national parks, in various areas of the country: tropical woods, deserts, mountains and at coasts.


The Australian seasons are opposite European and North American: the summer begins in December, autumn in March, winter in June, and spring in September. Temperature fluctuations are not so strong, except for deserts where day time heat is replaced by a sharp cold at night. The temperature on a greater part of territory of the country, except for mountain areas, seldom falls below zero. The further you move on the north, the the difference between seasons is less to become, but in the summer more warmly also is damp, than in the winter. Darwin, in the far north of the country, is in a zone of monsoons, and consequently here two seasons: hot and damp (when often there are flooding) both hot and dry.


In southern states tourists often come to summer months, but the best time for arrival this beginning of a season the end of spring begin of summer and the end of a season the end of summer- begin of autumn, as weather in the south at this time soft. In Queensland at this time still warmly, in the north not so it is damp, and in a cream puff there are not enough insects. In the spring if it is a lot of rains, in the country it is extraordinary beautiful, as wild flowers are dismissed many.





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