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Australia -EN - All about Australia
Australia , one of the advanced countries of the world, involves with the soft climate and the same soft immigration legislation. It opens the doors for experts with an operational experience and businessmens.

 Immigration to Australia is an opportunity not only to live in the advanced country, but also, passed examination on citizenship after 4th years of residing in the country and having received citizenship, without visas to move worldwide.

So , being one of economically developed and stable countries of the world, it is open for free immigration. Differently, practically any person with education and an operational experience can choose it as the residence. Principles and laws of immigration are simple enough and clear - to everyone under force to understand them.

That the unique country of the world , occupying territory of the whole continent, and also island Tasmania and adjoining islands. The country is located in southern and east hemispheres, washed by the seas of Pacific and Indian oceans. In the north it is washed by Timorskoe, Arafurskoe seas and Torres strait, in the east - Coral and Tasmanovoe seas , in the south - by Bass strait and Indian ocean, in the West - Indian ocean. The coastal line is cut up poorly. In the country of 3 hour zones (advances Moscow on 6 - 8 hours). Time advances in Sydney Moscow in the winter at 7 o'clock, in the summer - on 8. Besides time also varies and from state to staff state where by zone time half an hour sometimes increases.

Australia it has been opened by Billem Yanszon in 1606. The population of the country was made at that time by the Australian natives who have occupied there more 42 thousand years ago. In 1770 the country has been declared like a colony of English empire, and in 1901 all the Australian colonies were united in the Australian union, completely submited to English queen. Free Dating in Australia only on this put site!
Australia-RU - All About Australia


 Flag of Australia  Arms of Australia
Flag of Australia Arms of Australia

National motto: is not present
Hymn: « Move ahead, fine Australia »
Date of independence on January, 1st 1901 (from the Great Britain)
Official language de facto English
Capital Canberra
The largest city Sydney
Form of board Constitutional monarchy
Prime minister
Elizabeth II
Michael Dzhefferi
John Howard
  • All
  • % Water table
6-th in the world
7 686 850 km?
1 %
  • Only (2001)
  • Density
52-nd in the world
18 972 350
2 юСЅ./km?
  • Total (2001)
  • Per capita
16-th in the world
611 billion US dollar
29 893 US dollars
Currency Australian dollar (AUD)
Internet-domain .au
Telephone code +61
Time zones

© wikipedia
UTC +8 … +10

Australia - the sixth country in the world on the size of territory, and this unique state occupying the whole continent. The Australian union includes the Australian continent and some islands, largest of which is Tasmania . In territory of continent the various nature adjoins to modern densety populated megacities. Though the most part of continent occupy deserts and semideserts, in Australia there are various landscapes: - from the Alpine meadows up to tropical jungle. Australia became the house for unique kinds of flora and fauna, some of which do not meet in other corners of a planet. Many plants and animals, including huge marsupials, have died out with the advent of natives; others (for example, a Tasmanian tiger) - with the advent of Europeans.

Australia is a cloudless dark blue sky, the bright sun, multikilometer beaches with snow-white sand and ocean up to horizon. Along northeast coast of Australia the Big Barrier reef where the unique sea national park which was entered into the list of the World heritage is located was stretched . The big Barrier reef is a ridge of coral reeves and islands in Coral sea, on some of which are located elite hotels

The Australian continent - an ideal place for doing any kind of water sports. Surfing, Wind-surfings, diving, waterskiing, rowing and yachting - all this to services having a rest at coast. If it does not seduce you, send on the pedestrian walk on one of numerous reserves, drive on a bicycle or horse. Besides it is possible to go on a safari or to engage in rock-climbing.

Appeal of Australia is concluded not only in the nature of continent. Bring here the mite and the arranged well cities, the centers of a cultural and business life of the state. In all megacities - whether it be Sydney , Canberra , Melbourn or any other large city, - historical sights adjoin to skyscrapers, cosy parks - with populous streets, and various museums - with marvellous shops.

When you will leave from Australia, to you, certainly, it will want to take away with yourself something by heart, something, that will remind of travel to this remarkable country. In gift shops you can get the various products of manual work created by natives, clothes from the most thin sheep wool, and in jeweller shops - ornaments from well-known Australian opals, graceful pearls or pink brilliants.

Availability of immigration

Australia, being one of economically developed and stable countries of the world, is open for free immigration. Differently, practically any person with education and an operational experience can choose it as the residence. Principles and laws of immigration are simple enough and clear - to everyone under force to understand them most.

the Climate of Australia

The Australian continent is located within the limits of three basic warm climatic zones of a southern hemisphere: subequatorial (in the north), tropical (in the central part) and subtropical (in the south). Only the small part of island Tasmania is within the limits of the moderate zone. During winter, which is happens in June, July and August, sometimes drops out a snow, but it is not kept long .

The Subequatorial climate, characteristic for northern and northeast part of continent, differs an equal course of temperatures (within a year average temperature of air 23 - 24 degrees) and a lot of downfalls (from 1000 up to 1500 mm., and places more 2000мм.). The further on the south, the revolution of the season is more strongly appreciable. In the central and western parts of continent in the summer (December-February) average temperatures rise up to 30 degrees, and sometimes and above, and in the winter (June-August) decrease on the average to 10-15 degrees. In the center of continent in summertime of year the temperature rises up to 45 degrees in the afternoon, falls up to zero and below (-4-6 degrees) at night.

Acacia - a flower on the arms of Australia.

Though the most part of continent occupy semideserts and deserts, in Australia there are various landscapes from the Alpine meadows up to tropical jungle.

approximately 85 % of plants, 84 % of mammals, 45 % of birds, 89 % of fresh-water fishes - endemics

The Australian fauna includes single-pass - a duck-bill and echidna), various marsupials, including koalas, a kangaroo, wombats, and birds, such as emu, a cockatoo and cucabarra.

the Dingo have been delivered by indonezians which traded with natives with 4000 years before our era.

Many plants and animals, including huge marsupials, have died out with the appearance of aborigines; others (for example, a Tasmanian tiger) have died out with the appearance of Europeans.

Tammar Wallaby - Australian marsupialmarsupial. Genom of valabi is decoding in present time


Melbourn - capital of state of Victoria and the second-largest city in Australia where lives about 15 % of the population of all country of the country.
Among the highest buildings of Melbourn - 52-storeyed Nauru-house belonging tiny island.
the Business centre is on right coast, and inhabited quarters and parks - on left.
near the Royal botanical garden located Turac - quarter in which the richest people of state live. Here there is a headquarters of the largest corporation of Australia "Broken Hill".

Melbourn - the second-largest industrial and financial center of the country, the largest oil refining factories here are located.
Melbourn has been founded in 1835 by farmer John Betmanom who has bought from local natives literally for pennies the ground (243000 acres) in a mouth of the river Jarra. Melbourn became the first Australian settlement founded by free people. In 1837, the settlement totaled about 500 inhabitants. In 1847 Melbourn has received the status of city.
Gold and riches promoted rapid development of Melbourn and its status of the main city of Australia.


Melbourn - capital of state of Victoria and the second-largest city in Australia


Sydney - the biggest city of Australia, shining and sparking "gates" of the country.



Sydney (4 million inhabitants) - the biggest city of Australia, shining and sparking "gates" of the country. Huge amount of sights (the Opera the House, the Harbour Bridge, Olympic stadium, Heymarket, etc.) involve not only wishing to see all magnificence of city, but also to receive qualitative education in the educational institutions having world glory

Sydney is not capital of Australia as many think, but, nevertheless, it is the oldest and largest megacity, by the right considered a pearl of continent. It is city of architectural contrasts where modern skyscrapers of business centres adjoin to ancient buildings in the Mediterranean style. It is city of gardens and the parks, the brisk beaches and numerous sights. It is the city applying for a rank " capital of emigrants ", representatives live in Sydney practically all nationalities of the world

The Main showplace, a symbol of city - the Opera House, a unique architectural construction of opera theatre. In Sydney Dating there are the highest buildings of Australia - the Sydney tower and headquarters of the largest insurance company of the country, and also grandiose bridge the Harbor Bridge, the tremendous kind on city whence opens.

Brisbane - beautiful tropical city, but usually bypass it attention. Here seldom who stops more than on one two nights as all at once aspire on the resort Gold Coast located at 2 o'clock driving on highway on the south. Usually in Brisbane stop for two reasons - a business trip or transit.

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Brisbane is capital of one of the most prospering states of Australia - Queensland - and also one of the most important cities of Australia. In a combination to a magnificent climate it makes it an important center of holding conferences, seminars and exhibitions of the world value.

The airport of Brisbane is one of the main international and local airports Australia, so a lot of travelers from exotic corners of Australian or Ocenia stop here for one-two night, pending the necessary flight or is simple to add a variety in the long travel.

the most beautiful kinds of Brisbane you can see from water during cruise over the river Brisbane on which coast there is a city.


Brisbane - the most fast-growing capital state. From 1998 to 2003 population of Brisbane increased for 2 % a year.





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