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MYTHOLOGY. The contents of myths (continuation)

The myth about Ngurundery, a mythical ancestor and the cultural hero of the natives lived in a lower reaches of Murray, in South Australia was better kept. Below the version which has been written down according to old native Albert Karloana, nowadays late, last representative of the tribe, fall under inicial is resulted.


Ngurundery slowly floated in the boat from a hole downwards on a small stream which later became river Murray. It went down from river Darling, pursuing huge murrean to a cod. The fish, being rescueed, lashed on water and has expanded the river to its present sizes. When Ngurundery has stopped to have a rest, the cod has departured in lake, and he has lost hope to catch it. But here it has recollected about "brother of wife " - Nepelle. Quickly having sat down in a boat, it has come to Bumondugu and therefrom began to shout Nepelle which sat on red rock Ravugung, cape Maklej that he has caught a cod. Nepelle has launched a boat, has adjusted her to a shallow and began to wait with a spear in a hand. The cod has swum up to Nepelle. He has pierced her spear opposite Ravugung in has left there on a sandy shallow. When Ngurundery has swum up there, they have started to cut off pieces from a cod and to throw them in water, giving everyone the name of a fish which he should become. At last they have thrown in lake last piece with words: " remain murream cod ".


Ngurundery continued to wander. Eventually he has reached up to Bamundagara where has decided to stop; he has left a boat and has pulled out it on a land: there till now his traces were kept. Carrying on himself a boat, he has reached up to Larlangangsla where filled two big hills from fresh-water folding bowls. Once on a way from Granagunga in place Ngirlopgmurnang he has seen any people. They were frightened of him and have hidden in thrickets of a reed. Ngurundery heard, how they were whispered among themselves, and has transformed them into fine blue singing birdies. At this time two wives Ngurunderi prepared in Gurenbange dugery - silver bream, was taboo for women. The wind has informed up to Ngurundery a smell grilled fishes. As Ngurundery his boat was not necessary more, he has risen on two hills in Larlangangsla, has lifted a boat and has attached it in the sky where it has turned to the Milky Way. After that Ngurundery has gone in Gurenbange. At this time two women, being afraid, that Ngurunderi will hear a smell of a fish prepared by them, ran in Tralrum, on western I protect lake Albert which they have crossed on reed to a raft with help of stave. There they have left the raft which has turned reed thrickets which are there and until now, and continued the way further up to Kuronga.


When Ngurundery has reached up to Gurenbange and has found out, that women have disappeared, he also has made a raft and has followed them to Kuropgu. Here he has met malicious spirit by name Barambary. Ngurundery has asked him, whether that met his two wives, but Barambary brewed quarrel and has wounded Ngurundery a spear in a hip. Ngurundery has burst out laughing, has pulled out a spear from a wound, has rejected him aside and has thrown in Barambary the stave. Barambary fall down also has lost consciousness, and Ngurundery, thinking, that that has died, has turned to leave. But Barambary has come to the senses and by means of magic spear-darts has not allowed Ngurundery to leave. Ngurundery has returned and has killed Barambary stave. Then Ngurundery has fallen down a little high eucaliptus and other trees, has combined them together, has burnt and has put body Barambary in this funeral fire. When, apparently, all has burned down, Pgurundery has turned and has again tried leave in again could not to make this. He has collected all curtailed blood which has flowed out from wound Barambary, and has thrown it in a fire, and only after that he could continue the way. In Vundureme he has dug a hole in sand to obtain fresh water. Having kneelt to get drunk, he has bent to the ground, and in this place the rock was formed.


At last he has come in Nhurunduvurgngirl, dwelling Ngurunderi, and has lived there some time, having lost hope to find the wives. Then he has renewed the wanderings along coast of gulf Encounter and after adventures, issued with him there, has gathered was to be forwarded from continent on island of the Kangaroo as has suddenly seen the wives who were going to make the same. The passage then was such fine, that it was possible to reach island in wade. When they have reached the middle, Ngurunderi has cried a thunderous voice: "Pelton them, waters! " At the very same time the sea has risen, and they have sunk, but have turned to rocks Meralang sisters, to northeast from cape Uilobi on island of the Kangaroo. After that Ngurunderi has gone on island of the Kangaroo, or Ngurangoom, that means "on way of Ngurunderi " is a road on which there are all spirits, sending in the country of spirits. Ngurunderi has created big kazuarian and has had a rest under it. Then it has gone on the western coast of island and has thrown therefrom the spear in the sea: In this place from the sea rocks have risen. Then he has dived into the sea to wash off from himself the former life, and then has gone on the sky, in Vaieruvar, the country of spirits. However, before to disappear, he has told to people of a tribe jaraldy, that their spirits died always will go that road which he has laid, and eventually will join him in the heavenly world.


This myth is rather typical for Southeast Australia. It is how much known, in the myths concerning this part of the country, totemic representations do not play a leaging role. For myths of northern part of state of South Australia, the Central Australia and the central part of state of Western Australia, down to Southern Kimberley, images of the ancestors changing the shape are characteristic, but human features often prevail. Irrespective of the fact which the kind accepts each of these characters, its basic qualities remain constant, and words and acts have identical value. Great snakes Duendagal which has crossed all east part of Kimberley, the Bat, doer Bapgal, the Person-moon - the hero of myths of a subsection dianama with the wives, mythological essences navala, now turned dark spots on a surface of the moon, - all these and many other things characters in myths behave more likely as people, than as any other essences. More often transformation from the person in any other essence or an inanimate object happens during the culmination moment, in the end of a myth or in the end of one of its fragments, instead of in the beginning. Sometimes happens and on the contrary.


At dieri and of some other tribes lakes Air stories about certain essences muramura which wandered on territory of these tribes have been widespread and established various ceremonies. Hauitt [1904] brings some such myths. Here a summary of two of them.


In one of these myths it is told, that in the beginning in the center lake Perigundy opened the ground and therefrom one behind another began to appear mardu (totems of matrilined clan). They laid on the sun until have got stronger, then have turned to people and have dispersed on all country.


In other myth muramura Darana, one of the mainest totemic essences of a tribe dieri, veins in Pando, on lake Hopekeeps. Once, when long there were no rains, it has caused a rain a magic song; after that the lake and territory surrounding it have disappeared under water. When it has put the boomerang on the ground, the rain has stopped. All has become covered by vegetation, and there was a set muluru (leeches of bugs). Darana has collected them, has combined in bags which has hanged out on trees, and has gone to meet another muramura. At this time two young men, Dalauru, have seen bags and began to shoot in them boomerangs. One of them has got in a bag. From it the dust fell down and has closed the sun, and bags have brightly begun to shine. Have run together all muramura. Catch sight of that happens, they have killed two young men whom Darana has recovered, but others muramura have again destroyed them and have transformed into two stones in the form of hearts. It has been solved, that the first child who has born after that incident, becomes the patron of stones Daraulu. If scrap stones, people will start to starve, if them to break, the sky will redden also a dust from muluru will cover all ground and all will kill [Fogelzang, 1942, with. 149-150].

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