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Australia -EN - All about Australia



Australia is a little more 200 years ago was poorly populated by natives. In 1788 the first European people have arrived to Australia the First Fleet , created in 1786 under the order of lord of Sydney for transportation of 750 prisoners. In total by the ships was 1 487 person from which in Australia remains 1030. Now the population countries makes about 19 million.



Capital of Australia - Canberra ( Canberra )

Australia is divided into 6 states, two internal territories and 7 External:

  • Victoria ( Victoria, VIC ) - capital Melbourn ( Melbourne )
  • New Southern Wales ( New South Wales, NSW ) - Capital Sydney ( Sydney )
  • South Australia ( South Australia, SA ) - Capital Adelaide ( Adelaide )
  • Queensland ( Queensland, QLD ) - capital Brisbane ( Brisbane )
  • Western Australia ( Western Australia, WA ) - Capital Perth ( Perth )
  • Tasmania ( Tasmania, TAS ) - capital Hobart ( Hobart )
  • Territory of Federal Capital ( Australian Capital Territory, ACT ) - capital Canberra ( Canberra )
  • Northern Territories ( Northern Territory, NT ) - capital Darwin ( Darwin )

External territories: Norfolk island ( Norfolk Island ), Coconut Islands ( Cocos Islands ), Christmas island ( Christmas Island ) , etc.




Census of 1996 has shown, that in Australia for that moment lived 17 892 423 the person, that on 6,2 % is more, than in 1991 у. See the table on the population of states  »

The population of Australia grows old; middle age makes 34 years, and 12,1 % from all population - in the age of 65 years also are more senior.

From among all population of 73,9 % were born in Australia, and among all others - 36,2 % of profit from England. There are immigrants from New Zealand and Ireland, but the majority (after England) - from Italy, Vietnam, Greece, China and Germany.

The Amount of natives has by origin grown on third - with 265 458 In 1991 up to 352 970 in 1996. Among them of 55,8 % have been considered in states The new Southern Wales and Queensland. Among the population of Northern Territory Natives make 23,7 %.

Everywhere, except for Northern Territory, the number of women (50,5 %) is more, than men (49,5 %).




English (state). In connection with a lot of immigrants, it is possible to hear all variants and accents of English, and also Chinese, Italian, Russian, Greek... Plus set of dialects radical inhabitants of Australia - natives.




Currency - the Australian dollar. At the moment of updating this section 1 Australian dollar was equal 18 rubles  44& kopec  .

The Average salary for persons is more senior than 15 years makes 292 Australian dollar a week that is more, than in 1991 when the salary made 268 dollars.


Average prices for the some people goods and services AUD
Big Mac $4
Bank of Coca-cola $1.50
Portion of salad in cafe $4
Fresh sandwich $4.50
Cup of coffee in cafe $2.50
Phone call from the payphone $0.40
Average (385ml) a glass of beer in a bar $2.50
Packing with 24 bottles of beer $30
Bottle of Rum $25
Pack (25 pieces) cigarettes $8
Pie with meat $2.50
Portion of cebab or a shish kebab $6
Portion of grilled fishes with a potato $6
Trip to a taxi (5 km.) $8
Big pizza $15
Cheap second-hand car $2000
New car of middle class $30000
Litre of gasoline $0.90
Theater ticket $80
Ticket at cinema $15
CD $20

All the prices are specified in the Australian dollars - AUD. For translation in other currency take advantage online of the calculator currencies




Australia is the greatest island and the smallest continent on a planet.

On the basic continent 5 states and 2 territories are located. The sixth state, Tasmania, is located in 200 km to the south from state of Victoria, and separated from continent Bass strait ( Bass Strait ).

In the east Norfolk islands ( Norfolk Island ) are located and Lord-Хау ( Lord Howe Island ) operated by Australia, as and a site of Antarctic around of station Mawson ( Mawson ).

It is the driest continent on the ground, third of all territory makes desert. The length (from the north on the south) makes about 3700 km, width - 4000 km.


In the east the continent is divided by the Big Water-separate Ridge, which York ( Cape reaches from east coast, peninsula Kejp York Peninsula ) state of Queensland up to Melbourn, state of Victoria. The highest point of Australia is Kostyushko's mountain ( Mount Kosciusko ) height of 2229 meters which is located near to border of states the New Southern Wales and Victoria in covered by a snow Alpine region of the Big Water-separate Ridge.

To the West from a water-separate ridge lays, basically, flat district with several low mountain ridges, as Flinders ( Flinders ) in South Australia and MacDonnell near to Alise-Spring ( Alice Springs ).

The Center of continent basically is made with sparsely populated desert. About 80 % of all population of Australia lives at east coast or along a shore.

The Extensive system of the rivers feeds carries the waters for hundreds kilometers, to fill the hydrochloric lakes located in the north of state Southern Australia. These lakes often for a long time dry up: biggest of them, lake Ajre ( Lake Eyre ), the area 9475 sq. km, it was filled in 1994 for the first time for the last decade. Water from these lakes, except for that which evaporates, feeds Central Australian Artesian pool ( Central Australian Artesian Basin ), enormous natural Underground water system. This water gives a life to set of sources in the most remote areas of desert (these sources during centuries allow to survive to the person in the most "dead" areas deserts); the same system provides with water Alise-Spring.




Seasons are opposite European: the hottest time - in December and January, the Australian winter - in June and August



  • the highest mountain - Kostyushko's mountain 2 229 meters.
  • the Highest point - peak Mawson islands Heard - 2 754 m.
  • Australia - the lowest continent in the world, average height of only 330 meters. the lowest point - lake Ajre ( Lake Eyre ), on 15 meters below sea level.
  • the Most southern point continent - the Southern Point ( South Point ) Wilson's cape ( Wilson's promontory ) to the south from Melbourn.
  • the Southeast Point ( South East Point ) In Tasmania - the most southern point continent except for Antarctic.
  • the longest river - Murray ( Murray River ) and ee inflow  Darling River. Together they to last on 3 370 km., and their pool makes more than one million square kilometers, that is 14 % all territory of Australia.
  • the biggest state - Western Australia, with territory more than 2,5 million sq.km. The greatest island is Australia, then follows Tasmania, and - island Melvil ( Melville Island ), located nearby to Darwin and taking 5 786 sq. km
  • The smallest state is Tasmania.
  • The heat , +53 C, it is registered in state of Queensland in 1889г.
  • The lowest temperature -23 Р is registered in snows Big Water-separate Ridge near to Kostyushko's mountain ( Mt. Kosciuszko ) in 1994 у.
  • the Greatest difference of temperatures is registered in the West of state the New Southern Wales, it has made 57,2 C between winter nights at temperature below zero and the hot summer days.
  • the strongest rain has passed in state of Queensland in February 1893 у., 907 mm.
  • the biggest average amount deposits in a year has dropped out in state of Queensland in 1979 уear and has made 11 251 mm.
  • the driest place in Australia - lake Ajre ( Lake Eyre ), an average annual The amount of deposits makes 125 mm.




By results of a referendum 1999 уear Australia officially remains monarchy led by Queen English Elizabeth of the Second. Actual form of board - parliamentary republic led by the Prime minister.




Australia rises and to lay down at 6-8 o'clock earlier, than Moscow (in dependences on a season as we translate time on summer/winter in the different sides). When in Australia 6-8 o'clock in the morning, in Moscow still midnight.




Help free-of-charge servise  013
Police, fire, emergency   000
Translational service TIS   131 450
Embassy of Russia :   02 6295 9033,  6295 9474

We thank a site Australia. RU for the given information.



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